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Default - Seymour Wish - Special sex on a special day! - Seymour Wish - Special sex on a special day!

This day Marta and Colin decided to celebrate in a special way, because it was the first anniversary of their relationship! This whole time spent together was wonderful for them, they were very happy with each other! Marta made a small but very sweet cake, and Colin was in high spirits because he had to make a wish, which Marta promised to fulfill. Colin already knew what he wanted to get today, but he was a little shy to voice it to his beloved. He blew out a candle on a cake and wrote his wish on a piece of paper. Marta smiled sweetly, for she had peaked and already knew his secret desire. They were lost in passion; Marta began kissing her man sensually, then she began to get down lower and fell right behind his sphincter, she gently pushed his buns and plunged her tongue very deep into her beloved's ass!

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Star: Seymour Wish
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